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Canvas Faculty Training

We have several avenues of Canvas training available to you! Some training avenues are provided by Instructure Canvas experts. Other trainings will be held internally, featuring some external experts as well. Please review all avenues below.

Canvas-Led Webinars

There will be 4 webinars held throughout 2023. These webinars will be hosted by Instructure Canvas experts. They are live webinars, and they will be recorded. Below is the schedule for the live webinars:

WebinarDate/TimeRecordingResource Documents
Webinar # 1April 4th @ 10 amApril 4th RecordingNotification Preferences, Dashboard, Calendar, and Inbox
Webinar # 2August 1st @ 10 am[Recording Placeholder][Document Placeholder]
Webinar # 3August 14th – 18th (Specific date and time depends on faculty workshop schedule)[Recording Placeholder][Document Placeholder]
Webinar # 4First week of December[Recording Placeholder][Document Placeholder]

Canvas Open-Office Hours

Need help building your Canvas courses? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Distance Learning Coordinator, Haley Kinder, using this link: Schedule a Canvas One-on-One.

Canvas Training Services Portal

Within Canvas (In the Help navigation tab) lives the Training Services Portal. This portal offers you asynchronous training courses that you can enroll in and complete on your own time. Many of the trainings offer a badge at the completion of the content. To access the Training Services Portal, follow the steps outlined in this article: How to Access the Training Services Portal

This Canvas Community post further explains how to access the Training Services Portal and enrolling in courses.

Internal Trainings

Internal trainings will be held throughout the year. Some will be scheduled on an as-need basis and others will be held during faculty workshop weeks to help prepare you for upcoming semesters. Below is an ongoing list of internal trainings with their recordings if applicable:

April 20thVirtualContent CreationKim McCroskey, UTCCanvas Training: Content Creation
April 21stVirtualAssignmentsKim McCroskey, UTCCanvas Training: Assignments
April 21stVirtualQuizzesKim McCroskey, UTCCanvas Training: Quizzes
May 8th & 9thIn-Person/One-on-OneAd HocHaley Kinder[Recording Placeholder]

Internal Canvas Mini-Series

We want to keep Canvas at the forefront of everyone’s minds, so a virtual mini-series will be held between webinars and live trainings. These will be 20–30-minute virtual sessions that will cover an array of canvas topics. There may be some external Canvas experts included in some of the trainings. Below is a tentative schedule for the mini-series:

Date/TimeTopicMeeting Link
June 7th @ 10 amAbout the mini-series: Overview and topicsAbout the mini-series: Overview and topics
June 14th @ 10 amGrading assignments with SpeedGraderGrading assignments with SpeedGrader
June 21st @ 10 amOverview of Classic QuizzesOverview of Classic Quizzes
June 28th @ 10 amUsing the GradebookUsing the Gradebook
July 5th @ 10 amAccessibility Tools within CanvasAccessibility Tools within Canvas
July 12th @ 10 amCreating Student GroupsCreating Student Groups
July 19th @ 10 amUsing New Analytics to Communicate with StudentsUsing New Analytics to Communicate with Students
July 26th @ 10amPrepping For Fall – Series wrap-upSeries wrap-up

*Reach out to Haley Kinder,, with any questions about Canvas training.