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CAMS Enterprise Systems

UT Southern uses CAMS Enterprise Information Systems as its Student Information System (SIS). This system is comprised of the administrative portal, faculty portal, student portal, and reporting services.

CAMS EnterpriseFaculty PortalStudent PortalReporting Services
This is the administrative portal that supports the entire student lifecycle including the student admission process, student course registration and management process, Student Financial Aid process, the student billing process, etc.…This portal empowers faculty by allowing them to perform these functions: Evaluate advisees’ degree audit programs, register advisees, manage class rosters, access student schedules, view student and faculty directories, email students, and perform course management.This portal allows students to view their own university’s information from anywhere they have access to the internet. Items accessed include Course offerings, financial aid, billing ledge, degree information, grades, class registration, unofficial transcript, class schedule, etc.This portal allows the expansion of CAMS reports allowing end users to request customer reports that are not part of out-of-the-box reports from the software vendor.


For any questions regarding CAMS access, please reach out to UT Southern IT at or (931) 424-2009.