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Canvas Pilot Summer 2023

Prior to being fully implemented in the Fall of 2023, UT Southern will be piloting Canvas to test its usability and work out any bugs that may arise before it is launched. The pilot will run through the summer of 2023. Faculty were given the opportunity to volunteer and represent their department in the program.

This group of volunteers will be using Canvas as their Learning Management System over the summer and will report back any issues and highlights they notice with Canvas:

  • Nan Wakefield
  • Pat Ford
  • Cheri Thomas
  • Cedrick Nkulu
  • Laura Morefield
  • Claire Paul
  • Peter Douglas
  • Eli Fisher
  • Sherry Philpot
  • Haley Kinder
  • Lori Jones
  • Sarah Eskew
  • Jamie Rogers
  • Michael Cathey
  • Andrew Martin
  • Ken Vickers
  • Dan Scherr
  • Geoffery Burks

Why Their Role in the Canvas Pilot is Important:

  1. They are serving as leaders.
  2. Their role is critical to their department. They are their department’s advocator.
  3. , There are several tools that are integrated into our instance of Canvas (Ex. Pearson, Hawkes, Kaltura, Turnitin, etc.). We are able to troubleshoot any issues with these tools prior to the official Canvas rollout this Fall.